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Wednesday 26 October 2016
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Copenhagen Airports A/S, Lufthavnsboulevarden 6,, Copenhagen, DK-2770, Kastrup, Denmark
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Copenhagen Airport
Welcome to our unofficial airport guide where you will find everything you need for a stress free journey.

Copenhagen Airport Departures

If you are coming to Copenhagen airport, you are required to have information about the way the airport work. For passengers who wish to have their fragile items manually inspected instead an of x-ray examination, they may make this type of request to the screening officers who are taking care of the passengers. There are lots of tips that a passenger should consider while making use of the airport. The passenger should not let their luggage unattended at anytime you are there. The police airport would always remove unattended items that are found at the end of the day. All passengers in the airport should not carry luggage for other people or items that are wrapped that the passengers do not have knowledge of. There are lots of things that should not be done when making use of the airport.

Departure at Copenhagen airport can be done within a few minutes. The check in is done by professionals who would make sure that you in your flight without hassle. There are attractions centers that would support you while waiting for your flight. And because of the advancement in technology at the airport facilities and lounges, you can easily make use of these facilities to your luxury and comfort. and for those who would need information on departing from the airport, they can get it from the information desks. The customer care unit at Copenhagen airport is going to help a passenger leave the airport within a short time. For those who need their luggage to get inside the flight, the arrangement has been done in such a way that it is great. And before you leave this airport, you are going to have a great experience with the airport personnels. Leaving this city is very simple because of the availability of the flights on ground.

Airliner Flight Destination Status Sched.
Adria Airways JP 7826 Orebro (ORB) En Route 21:05
SAS SK 8916 Orebro (ORB) En Route 21:05
SAS SK 1669 Hannover (HAJ) Scheduled 21:15
Icelandair FI 7417 Hannover (HAJ) Scheduled 21:15
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 3090 Aalborg (AAL) Scheduled 21:20
Ryanair FR 8899 Porto (OPO) Scheduled 21:25
Transavia HV 5964 Eindhoven (EIN) Scheduled 21:25
easyJet U2 4558 Berlin Schönefeld (SXF) Scheduled 21:25
Brussels Airlines SN 2264 Brussels (BRU) Scheduled 21:35
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 911 Trondheim (TRD) Scheduled 21:40
Air Alsie 6I* 110 Sonderborg (SGD) Scheduled 21:45
SAS SK 1726 Helsinki (HEL) Scheduled 21:50
Austrian OS 7523 Helsinki (HEL) Scheduled 21:50
SAS SK 647 Hamburg (HAM) Scheduled 21:55
Icelandair FI 7581 Hamburg (HAM) Scheduled 21:55
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 969 Bergen (BGO) Scheduled 21:55
Ryanair FR 2675 Edinburgh (EDI) Scheduled 22:00
Ryanair FR 7407 Luton (LTN) Scheduled 22:15
Norwegian Air Shuttle DY 4172 Stockholm (ARN) Scheduled 22:20
Danish Air DX 552 Rønne (RNN) Scheduled 22:30
FlexFlight W2 1072 Rønne (RNN) Scheduled 22:30
Danish Air DX 184 Karup (KRP) Scheduled 22:30
FlexFlight W2 1104 Karup (KRP) Scheduled 22:30
Qatar Airways QR 164 Doha (DOH) Scheduled 22:40
SriLankan Airlines UL 3558 Doha (DOH) Scheduled 22:40
SAS SK 1428 Stockholm (ARN) Scheduled 22:45
Lufthansa LH 6086 Stockholm (ARN) Scheduled 22:45
SAS SK 2744 Klaipeda Palanga (PLQ) Scheduled 22:45
SAS SK 448 Göteborg (GOT) Scheduled 22:45
Austrian OS 7511 Göteborg (GOT) Scheduled 22:45
SAS SK 1474 Oslo (OSL) Scheduled 22:45
SAS SK 4876 Stavanger (SVG) Scheduled 22:45
Lufthansa LH 6098 Stavanger (SVG) Scheduled 22:45
Austrian OS 7629 Stavanger (SVG) Scheduled 22:45
SAS SK 2884 Trondheim (TRD) Scheduled 22:50
Austrian OS 7655 Trondheim (TRD) Scheduled 22:50
SAS SK 2755 Poznan (POZ) Scheduled 22:50
SAS SK 1894 Linkoping (LPI) Scheduled 22:50
SAS SK 742 Vilnius (VNO) Scheduled 22:50
Icelandair FI 7520 Vilnius (VNO) Scheduled 22:50
SAS SK 1273 Aarhus (AAR) Scheduled (Delayed) 22:50
SAS SK 4890 Bergen (BGO) Scheduled 22:50
Lufthansa LH 6042 Bergen (BGO) Scheduled 22:50
Austrian OS 7623 Bergen (BGO) Scheduled 22:50
SAS SK 2761 Warschau (WAW) Scheduled 22:55
Icelandair FI 7527 Warschau (WAW) Scheduled 22:55
SAS SK 1289 Billund (BLL) Scheduled 22:55
Etihad Airways EY 7496 Billund (BLL) Scheduled 22:55
Turkish Airlines TK 8264 Billund (BLL) Scheduled 22:55
SAS SK 753 Danzig (GDN) Scheduled 22:55
Icelandair FI 7427 Danzig (GDN) Scheduled 22:55
SAS SK 1225 Aalborg (AAL) Scheduled 23:00
Lufthansa LH 6134 Aalborg (AAL) Scheduled 23:00
Austrian OS 7587 Aalborg (AAL) Scheduled 23:00
Turkish Airlines TK 8260 Aalborg (AAL) Scheduled 23:00
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